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Black carbon (BC) particle emissions have a huge impact on climate change especially in the Northern Hemisphere (IPCC). Furthermore, particulate matter (PM) emissions are hazardous to people; in Europe, they are causing 400 000 premature deaths annually (EEA). Sad, but true, small-scale wood burning in stoves and fireplaces is the main reason, they are generating three times more PM than road transport (Amann et al, 2018).
More information on BC emissions: Climate & Clean Air Coalition

NOETON is a Finnish start-up developing affordable and efficient particle emission catchers for stoves and fireplaces. NOETON deep-tech product is verified by peer reviewed publications and dissertation research in the University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio)


Recent news from NOETON

NOETON vauhti kiihtyy, tule mukaan juhlimaan!

NOETON päästösiepparin kehitys on sujunut vallan mainiosti. Itse asiassa hommat ovat edenneet niin hyvin, että olemme aloittaneet suunnittelun ja valmistautumisen markkinoille tulemiseen.  Markkinoille tulemisen valmistelu tarkoittaa, että tuotekehityksen lisäksi agendalle …

Eventful week for NOETON

5.11.2021 NOETON had a lot of action in the past week. First, our CEO Heikki Suhonen published his dissertation thesis on the topic of “Novel Electrical Particle Emission Reduction Methods …