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Black carbon (BC) particle emissions have a huge impact on climate change especially in the Northern Hemisphere (IPCC). Furthermore, particulate matter (PM) emissions are hazardous to people; in Europe, they are causing 400 000 premature deaths annually (EEA). Sad, but true, small-scale wood burning in stoves and fireplaces is the main reason, they are generating three times more PM than road transport (Amann et al, 2018).
More information on BC emissions: Climate & Clean Air Coalition

NOETON is a Finnish start-up developing affordable and efficient particle emission catchers for stoves and fireplaces. NOETON deep-tech product is verified by peer reviewed publications and dissertation research in the University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio)


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Eventful week for NOETON

5.11.2021 NOETON had a lot of action in the past week. First, our CEO Heikki Suhonen published his dissertation thesis on the topic of “Novel Electrical Particle Emission Reduction Methods …