Eventful week for NOETON

5.11.2021 NOETON had a lot of action in the past week. First, our CEO Heikki Suhonen published his dissertation thesis on the topic of “Novel Electrical Particle Emission Reduction Methods for Small-scale Biomass Combustion”. Heikki defended his thesis in the public examination on Friday the 29th of October. The opponent was Professor Heinz Burtscher from Switzerland. The examination went extremely well and Heikki will be promoted to Ph.D., congratulations!

The University of Eastern Finland made a press release (in Finnish) of the thesis. As a result, Heikki was interviewed into a couple of local newspapers. The story made it into the front page of the local newspaper Savon Sanomat. Therefore, NOETON got a lot of publicity in the city of Kuopio and in the Northern Savonia.

At the same time, the University of Eastern Finland made an international press release of Heikki’s scientific article. The story made it into several sites (links below). As a consequence, NOETON website has received hundreds of visitors and there has also been a lot of requests of our product. Unfortunately, our product is still under development and those awesome people have to wait a little while to make their stoves NOETON. In the meantime, please follow us here in our website and in the social media!

We also received our first big funding, check out the announcement here!










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